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Settlement within the municipality of Mazarrón, situated at some 6 km from Mazarron. It has a permanent population of 609 inhabitants. The origin of Bolnuevo was becoming an area of fishermen, situated in the bay of Mazarrón, due to being a sheltered spot o­n the coast.
In what nowadays constitutes the Ridge of the Castelar, the ancient Mazarron loading pier was located, in which Roman, Greek, and Phoenician embarkations used to dock to load the local minerals.
Toward 1585, a sanctuary was built, in memory of a miracle attributed to Our Lady of the Conception, this sanctuary protected the neighbours of the then named Almazarrón from the constant attacks from the fierce algerian pirates. In its proximity an old fortification existed, known as the Castle of Bolnuevo or Tower of the Horses built in the 16th Century, o­n whose ruins another sanctuary was raised in 1946.
But 60 years later, Our Lady of the Conception may need backup to hold back the invasion of foreign holidaymakers and residents.
Bolnuevo looks like a very traditional old Spanish resort, but new houses have been built with taste and have been kept quite exclusive. The town is certainly growing, but it is limited as to how far it can go, new small developments are planned in the near future.